• Residential and Commercial design
  • Site and project analysis
  • Blueprint review
  • Budget analysis
  • Design plan and concepts
  • Conceptual drawings
  • Space Planning
  • Meeting with contractors, architects, and subcontractors
  • Liaison between client and contractor
  • Furniture layouts
  • Finish selections
  • Interior Architecture
  • Electrical plan/ lighting selections
  • Implementation of design plan
  • Furniture selections with finish and fabric selections
  • Custom rug design

Residential Jobs

After receiving my design degree, I began a small Interior Design firm in 1992. From there, I've expanded not only my capabilities but also my skills and talents in this field. Along the way,I have come to believe the adage 'that form should always follow function', as you'll be surrounded by your interiors everyday. If your interiors are not designed to function, it doesn't matter how beautiful they are or how much money you spent. I want my clients to walk into their space and breath a sigh of "I love this" What good is a stunning, modern kitchen that has little counter space and even less pantry space?

"We listen closely to our clients and provide solutions to their interior design needs." 

Throughout the years of working in design, I am constantly learning. Staying apprised of current trends, new products, likes, dislikes, and fashions is a daily classroom. However, my goal is to create a timeless room that won't be out-of-style faster than the current model of smartphone. I understand that a client wants their interiors to bring them happiness. And it is always my goal to facilitate this. By taking client input and mixing it with design experience, I can provide a well thought out space that will delight.

It's your house, it should feel like it. 

"By establishing a collaborative relationship with our clients, a functional, beautiful, and valuable design is created."


Commercial Jobs